With so many online wedding resources available to you, we knew we had to develop a website that was going to be fun, interactive and ever changing!


We also know that in addition to great inspiration, brides want REAL information on how to plan their weddings. So we developed Dapper and Dolled with that in mind and we are the first online wedding resource to offer an ASK A PRO page! We know you have questions so who better than a real pro, in that field, to answer it?


In addition to being able to get really great information from the pros, you can also find your perfect vendor here! With thousands of pros in your area, we are the first resource to help you cut out the stress of trying to finding the vendor that is right for you! We are the first to implement a system that will match you to vendors in your category based on your style and budget! You no longer have to guess if you can afford that vendor or if they are the style you want!


We are dedicated to helping brides stay up to date on new and upcoming inspiration! Visit our inspiration pages to see the best ideas online!


With daily video and wedding features, we give you endless inspiration for your wedding.


Our inspiration pages are easy to maneuver, savable to your pinterest boards and even male friendly! Lets face it, guys need inspiration sometimes too!



We are the FIRST online wedding resource to offer an Ask A Pro page!


The Ask A Pro page help brides get real and correct information on how to properly plan their weddings!


We know everyone had an opinion on how you should go about planning your wedding, but shouldn’t you have access to really good information directly from the pros themselves?! We think so! A bride with really good information, is an unstoppable bride, so plan right!


Dapper and Dolled is proud to be the FIRST online wedding resource company to help brides cut through the red tape of finding their perfect vendors by automatically matching brides to vendors based on a few questions about your budget and style!


The best part is your recommended vendors are displayed directly on your profile page for you to see, save and categorize!


Save those tears for the wedding day and make them tears of joy!

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