Let the rain wash away all worry…. This seemed to be the theme for Rebecca & Matt’s rainy yet gorgeous outdoor wedding. In an interview with the amazing fearless photographer Mike Olbinski, Rebecca said her favorite part of the ceremony was “The inevitable chaos just before the ceremony.  When I got out of the truck that’s when it started to sprinkle, my mother gunning it for the furthest umbrella in her sight, while there were five sitting on the back of the truck next to us, my father and I calling for her and then laughing as we set up our own umbrellas.  And then I had handed my bouquet to my father while I was opening the umbrellas, but as I kept trying to take it back from him he was confused and kept pulling it away from me, while my mother is still not next to me to take me down the aisle.  I finally get the bouquet in my hand, have my mother and father both next to me, the umbrellas are open and then it just begins to stat pouring buckets of rain.  I could do nothing more than laugh so hard it looked like I was crying, but the truth was it was so perfectly and authentically me, Matt, us, and our families. As I child I use to always say that I wanted to get married in the rain, and for Matt and I we had a lot of personal and family difficulties that we had to navigate together to get to this day, to this moment.  It poured during the entire ceremony, and I suppose many others would have been sad or devastated, for us I think it was the perfect symbol of starting anew, us stepping forward on the this journey as different people, and as a different couple, than who we were five years earlier when we first fell in love.” We want to thank Mike Olbinski for his dedication to getting the shot and his exceptional photography skills. As always we want to thank all of the amazing vendors that made Rebecca & Matt’s wedding so perfect! 

Invitations: Hazel and Violet

Wedding Dress Shop: Bridal Boutique of Arizona

Lighting / Decor: Verve Events and Rentals

Reception Music / DJ: SoulPower

Caterer: My Pita Wrap Mediterranean Grill

Photographer: Mike Olbinski Photography

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